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Different Ways To Tell If Your Ruby Gemstone Is Real

Different Ways To Tell If Your Ruby Gemstone Is Real

Rubies are instantly recognisable gemstones, and they were for a long time reserved for royalty. Most of the rubies you...

Drinking In The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds: Things You Should Know

Drinking In The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds: Things You Should Know

Champagne diamonds have become among the most desired types of diamonds. Like any other type of diamond, the beauty of...

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Different Ways To Tell If Your Ruby Gemstone Is Real

Different Ways To Tell If Your Ruby Gemstone Is Real

Rubies are instantly recognisable gemstones, and they were for a long time reserved for royalty. Most of the rubies you find in jewellery come from Asia, and 90% of the rubies come from one country, Myanmar, formally known as Burma.

With rubies being so highly prized, you need to be careful when buying them from unknown sources, as there are many fake rubies that you can end up buying. If you are interested in purchasing ruby gemstone jewellery or already have some at home and want to tell if they are real or not, there are a few ways to do this. Below are some ways to check if your rubies are genuine or not, so you know if you have a real ruby gemstone or not.

The Three Different Types Of Rubies

There are three different kinds of rubies you will need to know about to determine what you have in your jewellery. The first is a natural ruby, often found in Asia, and these are the most valuable ones to buy, and you can often find they have been enhanced to bring out their colours. The second type of ruby is an artificial one. As with many other gems, you can create these artificially in a laboratory, and these are still valuable. The third type and least valuable are the fakes, and you often find that these are made from glass and sometimes use other gems and pass them off as rubies.

Testing The Hardness Of Your Ruby

Rubies are one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals and are only second to diamonds. When measuring the hardness of a gem, the Mohs scale is used, which marks them out of ten, and rubies score an impressive nine. As such, an excellent way to assess your rubies is to put their hardness to the test. You can use your fingernail, a coin, or anything else hard you have, and try scratching the surface of the ruby. If it leaves a mark, it is not a real ruby. However, if it does not leave a mark, you may have a genuine Burmese ruby gemstone.

Test The Clarity Of Your Ruby

You can look at the colour and clarity of your gemstone, and this can often tell you if your ruby is fake or not. You will want to hold the ruby to a light source and check that the gem’s colour is evenly distributed. Fake rubies will be red but not bright like genuine ones, and you will also need to look for flaws and inclusions. Rubies do not often have these, so you may have a fake ruby on your hands if you find any.

Scratch The Ruby On A Hard Surface

You can also rub the ruby against a hard and smooth surface, which can help tell if your gem is real or fake. You can use porcelain or clear glass and see if it leaves a mark. A genuine ruby will not leave a mark, and if you do see any, you probably do not have a genuine ruby. One of the best ways to tell if your rubies are genuine or fake is to take them to your local jeweller and have them assess your gemstones, which they can do in a few minutes.

Drinking In The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds: Things You Should Know

The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds have become among the most desired types of diamonds. Like any other type of diamond, the beauty of champagne diamonds comes in the form of the cut, colour, carat and clarity.

A champagne diamond is typically a high carat diamond and when placed in jewellery, the piece is considered exclusive. Diamonds have the highest level of resistance to scratches and other forms of damage. A single carat diamond is equal to 200mg of weight. The higher the carat, the rarer the diamond and the more expensive the diamond.

The Three Colours

Image Source: Unsplash

The natural beauty of champagne diamonds can be classified into three colours – brown, yellow and orange. It is possible to have a combination of these colours and match the resulting hue of these diamonds with any engagement ring style. While it’s quite common for a bride to wear jewellery with gemstones in exact same hues, she can always play around combining two or three of these hues, or even all three of them in the form of pendants, earrings, and bracelets, among others.

The Cut

A quality champagne diamond is cut so as to optimise the brilliance and sparkle. Cuts that are too steep can make the stone appear dull. Good cut quality will allow the light to shine through the diamond and will appear brilliant. The sparkle of the light will not be blocked by the shadow of the surrounding jewellery.

The Inclusions

A good cut quality diamond is without any small inclusions that can affect the brilliance and beauty of the stone. The smallest inclusions can affect the value of the diamond. One of the main attractions of the gemstone is its lightness and colourless qualities. The smaller inclusions in the diamond reduce its lightness and increase the sparkle. It is possible to find a perfect combination of lightness and colour of the diamond by consulting with the cutlery manufacturer.

The Beauty of Argyle Mine Champagne Diamonds

Australia is among the three locations where champagne diamonds originate from. The other two locations include Siberia and Africa. In Australia, the Argyle Mine is the most notable not just in the country, even the whole world, and it is among the sources of high-quality champagne diamonds, making it the best place to find Argyle champagne diamonds for sale.

The original dark brown colour of the Argyle diamonds is attributed to the ash from the mining process. This was later changed to a golden honey colour. The colour of the Argyle diamond is associated with a rich heritage of the mine. Some of the most common engagement rings are designed with the beauty of Argyle diamonds.

Popular Dress Styles For Homecoming 2021

Homecoming Dress Styles Proving Popular In 2021

When you are in high school, one of the most important social events is homecoming, which most students want to attend. Many girls want to wear a gorgeous dress that will help them stand out from the crowd and look and feel like a princess. There are many dress designs to help do this. You can see some of the current popular dress designs on websites such as Pinterest as well as on fashion magazines. In this article, we will also be sharing with you some of the hottest dress designs that are perfect for homecoming and will have you looking fabulous.

The Mini Dress 

If you are looking to make a statement at your homecoming, then an excellent choice is the mini dress. What’s great about it is that it’s available in various colours. If you do not want to wear a traditional gown, the mini dress is the perfect alternative for you. You may wish to select a design that has lots of sparkle and glitter to help you stand out even more. When looking for 2021 homecoming dresses for sale online, you will see many types of these dresses available, with most of the major fashion houses offering this style of dress.

The Mini Dress

A Traditional Gown 

A traditional gown is something that never seems to go out of fashion. There are plenty of beautiful conventional dresses from which you can choose. If you are looking for a princess look, a traditional gown is the way to go. It will give you the glamourous look you want. Some of the most popular choices of colours for 2021 include ivory or black gowns. Brightly coloured designs are also in high demand.

A Corset Style Dress 

If you want to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look for homecoming, you may choose a corset style dress. The figure-hugging design is suitable for many body types, and you will look fabulous when you select this style of gown for your homecoming. You can opt for a plain design or one with intricate lacework, and they are available in a rainbow of different colours. If you are looking to stand out and hoping to catch the eye of a particular person at homecoming, a corset style dress may be the perfect choice for you.

A One-Shoulder Dress 

Another dress design that is proving popular with the homecoming crowd in 2021 is a one-shoulder dress. It is a style that has been popular for a long time, and many celebrities wear this type of dress at red carpet events they attend. It offers a sophisticated look and feel to this design, and you can get these dresses in various colours and materials. No matter your body type, this style dress is suitable for almost everyone and will have you look and feel special for homecoming.

A One-Shoulder Dress

As homecoming is such a special occasion for teens at high school, you need to check the dress code from your school before selecting your dress. Make sure the gown you choose will not have you refused entry, and you can help ensure you have a fantastic time at homecoming this year.

General Rules For Bathroom Layouts

General Rules For Bathroom Layouts

If you’re new to the world of bathroom design, you’ve probably heard of some of the most famous rule of thumb for bathroom layouts. You may not be able to read them all or even remember them all, but they are an essential part of bathroom planning.

The rule of thumb for bathroom layouts were created even way back in the Victorian times, but there are actually many rules that will apply no matter when you’re planning your bathroom. This article will help you learn a little bit more about some of the most famous rules for bathroom layouts. This information can be used to give you some great ideas about your bathroom design, whether you’re working on a small bathroom, a large bathroom, or a combination of both.

Rule #1: No Standing Water

This is the first and most important rule for bathroom floor plans. Whether it’s a bathtub or a shower stall, there should be no standing water anywhere in the room. This includes areas around fixtures and plumbing, as well as other things like a door leading to the shower or the tub. Any standing water is an invitation to mold and mildew.

Rule #2: Sufficient Space

There should be enough space to move around in the room. Showers can take up quite a bit of floor space, so make sure you don’t have a corner that is simply too small for a shower or a toilet. If there are multiple sinks in a bathroom, take note of how much space you have to move around, and always leave at least one space of open floor space for each of your sinks and toilets. This way, you will always have access to your sinks and toilets, and you won’t have to turn your back to them whenever you enter the room. Visit a Sunbury bathroom store or a showroom near you to get an idea on how best to deal with the space you have.

Rule #3 Headroom

When designing your bathroom for two people, you should always make sure there is plenty of headroom. Showers can take up quite a bit of floor space, so be sure there is room to move around without hitting a wall or other obstacle. Also, remember that baths are notorious for having a high water pressure and a very large amount of steam. You’ll need to make sure there is plenty of space to make it through one of these trades without tripping and falling.

Rule #4 Efficient Storage

If you’re going to be storing items in your bathroom, then make sure your storage space is efficient. For example, cabinets should be located where they won’t be easily accessible by children or pets. Consider installing hooks on the walls or any other low-level area to make sure your most used storage spaces are easily accessible.

These are just a few of the general rules for bathroom layouts that you can use. Of course, different bathrooms will be unique and require completely different strategies. Bathrooms are constantly evolving and new trends arise regularly, so the information in this guide will not be as useful if you have plans for a completely cutting edge bathroom.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional bathroom designer who can help you create the perfect floor plan, but the above are some general guidelines that you can follow to get started.

Wearing Your Diamond Jewellery Daily And Keeping It Beautiful

Keeping Diamond Jewellery Looking Fantastic Even When You Wear It Daily

When you have beautiful diamond jewellery, you may want to wear it every day. Although it is not usually recommended, you can do this if you also take care of it. The more you wear your diamond jewellery, the more often it will require cleaning. Oils, dirt, and grime can soon build up on your jewellery when you wear it every day. If you have some diamond jewellery that you feel incomplete when not wearing it, below are some tips to help you care for it to enable you to wear it as often as you want.

How Big Are The Diamonds? 

How Big Are The Diamonds?

Whether it is okay to wear your diamond jewellery regularly will depend on a few factors, and a vital one is how big the diamonds are in your jewellery. If they are precious and large stones, as much as you want to, it may not be a good idea to wear them too often as they may get lost or damaged. Anything around one carat in weight or under is acceptable to wear every day, but anything more significant than that, you may want to reserve it for special occasions only.

Consider What You Are Doing 

You will need to be careful with what activity you are doing when wearing your diamonds. They can get tarnished over time as dirt and grime builds up, so you will want to refrain from wearing your diamond jewellery when you are doing physical activities or exercising. If you are going shopping, working in an office or a similar environment, or just socialising, it is acceptable to wear your favourite diamonds.

Have Them Professionally Cleaned 

There are many home remedies for cleaning diamonds. However, you will occasionally want to get your diamond jewellery, such as those from a luxury engagement ring designer in Brisbane, professionally cleaned. The more you wear it, the more often it will need cleaning. If you wear it a few times a week, you may need to clean your jewellery around every six months. You can find a diamond jewellery store in Brisbane CBD or in your local area that will offer jewellery cleaning, and some stores will offer free cleaning yearly if you purchase the jewellery from them.

Cleaning At Home 

To prevent the dirt and oil from building up on your diamond jewellery, if you are wearing it most days, you will want to give it a clean every week or two. Take a soft bristle brush, warm water, and some mild detergent (dish washing liquid is good). Give the jewellery a gentle clean. This will help to remove the oil and grime and keep it shining brightly.

Storing Your Diamonds Correctly 

Store Your Diamonds Correctly

No matter how much you love your diamond jewellery when showering or sleeping, ensure that you remove it. You will need a jewellery box to store your diamonds correctly, which requires a soft interior to prevent scratches. Keeping your jewellery in this way also ensures that you know where it is when you are not wearing it, so it is safe. You can wear your diamond jewellery every day if you want, but the wear and tear will build-up, so you need to take extra special care of it to keep it looking pristine.

Essential Fashion Accessories All Ladies Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Essential Fashion Accessories For The Modern Woman

Fashion changes all the time, but there are some accessories that no woman should be without in their wardrobe. Having the right accessories is the perfect way to finish off an outfit and make it pop, and you will need to ensure that you do not overdo it. Below are some fashion accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe this summer so that you are ready for almost any occasion.

The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

No matter what the weather is like or what time of day you are going out, you will always want to have a pair of designer sunglasses with you. You never know when you need to look cool or try to avoid someone recognising you. A pair of oversized designer sunglasses are an excellent accessory for any wardrobe, and they are practical and look fantastic. See which designs are fashionable this year, which may give you the perfect excuse to go out and buy another pair.

A Summery Hat

It is also an excellent idea to have a lovely hat that you can wear in the summer when it is warm out, and your hat can help keep the sun off your face. The one trouble with wearing sunglasses is that you can get panda eyes where the glasses cover your face, but a wide-brimmed hat can prevent this from happening. There are many different styles of sunhat available, and if you select the one you prefer and get it in a neutral colour, it will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

The Perfect Jewellery To Accessorise Your Outfit

You will need to ensure that you have suitable jewellery in your wardrobe that you can wear that is the finishing touch for your outfit. For example, you can get inspired by those custom engagement rings London women are wearing; they often come in understated elegance, making it easy for you to wear them even with your casual outfit. Visit jewellery shops in your area if you live elsewhere in the world; rest assured you would find something that could easily match your style and lifestyle.

Choosing understated designs is the best way to accessorise your outfit. A simple chain or necklace is something you will want, as are a few different types of earrings. You may wish to get some drop earrings, simple studs, or something elaborate for a special occasion. You may also want some bracelets that you can wear, and you can have a straightforward design or layer a few different ones on your wrist. Choose your jewellery carefully and do not have too much, as this can ruin the look of an outfit if you overdo it.

Accessorise Your Outfit

Image Credits: Pixabay

A Bag For All Occasions

You will also want to ensure that you have a bag suitable for almost all occasions, so you have something to carry everything you need when you are out. A large over-the-shoulder bag is ideal for informal events, but you will want to get something a little more subtle for those where you need to dress up. Ensure you get a bag in a neutral colour so it will go with almost everything, and ensure it has enough space to carry everything you need. The next step for you is to work out what to carry in your handbag without over-stuffing it too much.

How To Finances Affect Our Lifestyle

How to finances affect our lifestyle

In this article, and will be talking about how finances and the management of finances actually affects our lifestyle. As you all know, how we manage our finances actually depends on our financial stability and our financial health. We should do everything we can to make sure that we are financially healthy and that we have some money hidden away or saved for a rainy day.

Money is the one thing that billions of us require, and it is the one thing that a lot of us don’t have. Humans work really hard for money because money literally buys you whatever you need. A lot of people do not have enough money for the three basic things, which would be food, clothing and shelter.

How to finances affect our lifestyle

  • I would say that finances will definitely have a significant impact on our lives, because of how important it is.
  • For example, if we are looking at a person who has a surplus of finances and he does not know what to do with all of the money that he has. His lifestyle will obviously be influenced by the amount of finances that he has. He does not have to worry about things like sourcing food, clothing or shelter. This kind of a person would usually live a very luxurious life, purchasing whatever he needs, as he is getting through life. He would usually not have to go through all of the problems that the world goes through because things that are really easy to him could be the hardest thing to people who don’t have the necessary finances to have it easy. The amount of finances that a person possesses is definitely something that would affect their lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that this kind of gentlemen would lead is definitely a very different kind of thing, compared to a person who is in the middle class. If this particular person drives a Lamborghini, a middle-class man could probably drive a Hyundai.
  • Your lifestyle is basically moulded by the kinds of things that you are exposed to and the kinds of things that you do with your life, which all depend on the amount of finances that you possess.

  • You should also know that surplus finance is certainly required for a healthy lifestyle since it can influence the kind of places we go to, the kind of food we eat, the kind of people we meet and all of it has a major impact on our existence.
  • A lot of people work really hard for very little money, and a lot of people work very little for a lot of money. Celebrity extravagance, the rich and lavish ones are the ones who everybody is envious of.
  • Wealth is definitely something that everybody wants, but not everybody has.


Electric Gates: When Swing Gates Must Be Used

Design Aspects To Consider With Automated Gates

Whether for your home or your business, if you are contemplating replacing the original gates with an automated solution, there are design issues that might need to be addressed. The most common design is a single sliding gate that either opens to the right or the left, but this is not always possible and with that in mind, here are a few reasons side opening gates might be the best choice. 

  • Lack Of Width – In the event you have a narrow driveway, with no space on either side, this would mean swing gates that meet at the centre and open inwards. The automated systems for side opening gates are cheaper than for a sliding unit, yet weight is a critical factor and must be taken into account when designing the gates.
  • Uneven TerrainAutomated security sliding driveway gates are convenient, take less space, durable, and can easily impress anyone who enters through the gate. However, when they’re incompatible with uneven terrain, a custom gate supplier would recommend one of their swing gate automation systems, which resolves the issue. Each project is unique in many respects and no gate supplier can quote without first surveying the site. In some cases, heavy-duty support posts need to be pre-installed, using concrete, and this would be done a few days prior to the installation date. The posts are critical, as they must support the entire weight of the gates, which can be calculated by the technician designing the gates.
  • Flat Ground – Swing gates only work with flat ground and the best solution is to contact an established custom gate supplier and ask them to pop around and survey the driveway. From the contractor’s perspective, every project is unique, as it presents a set of variables that is unique to that location. Regarding swing gate automation, the supplier would make you aware of all the options, such as below or above ground motor placement, with a choice of tracking mechanisms.

  • Large Spans – If you have a large home with a wide driveway, this presents a whole range of issues; swing gates might require ground tracking to support the weight. If you make contact with an established custom gate manufacturer, they would be happy to send a technician to your home or office and discuss the many design options.
  • Single Swing Gates – This is sometimes the preferred solution, although you will need adequate space in the driveway for the gate to fully open. While rare, this design can work and by talking to the right contractor, you will receive the best advice and the design will be suitable for the environment.

When you search with Google for a custom gate supplier, this brings up a list of websites and after some browsing, make contact with your preferred contractor and ask them to send a technician to your home or commercial premises to discuss gate design. With a professional designer in your corner, you are sure to come up with an optimum design that works.

An Improvement In Your Fashion Style Can Definitely Affect Your Lifestyle

An Improvement In Your Fashion Style Can Definitely Affect Your Lifestyle

A huge portion of the planet has actually had a really hard time, especially when it comes to choosing the right outfit for the right kind of event. They usually tend to spend a lot of money, trying to improve the way they look, by purchasing expensive clothes, despite not knowing that there are a couple of things that you should do, especially when you are trying to style yourself for certain events. Purchasing more and more clothes will just dent your wallet, and you will have a completely full cupboard with clothes that you have no idea how to style yourself. That is why I have prepared some very quick tips that you can make use of. They will certainly benefit you quite a bit.

An Improvement In Your Fashion Style Can Definitely Affect Your Lifestyle

  1. Firstly, make sure that what you are purchasing fits you perfectly. If you’re trying to squeeze your body into a really tight dress, make sure that you can pull it off. Whether you are dressing up for an event or you are just dressing up for the meeting, you need to know if the clothes fit you. Clothes like jeans and T-shirts can actually be folded and kept away, but you need to think properly when you are purchasing clothes that cannot be dealt with easily. That is why you need to make sure that it is perfectly tailored to you and your body.
  2. Secondly, if you are going to dress to impress, you should always know what to wear for what occasion. Wearing certain clothing for certain locations is actually one of the most important things you have to do. You are supposed to know that there are certain dress codes that you have to follow, even though there are no rules that are stated. Some of these rules are supposed to be understood. For example, you cannot wear bright coloured clothing to a funeral. This is definitely one of the most important things that a lot of people tend to forget. A funeral is not a happy occasion, and you are only supposed to dress in dark colours, if not black.
  3. Shoes are definitely essential. Your shoes will basically either complete or destroy your outfit. You need to know what kind of shoes you have to wear. A lot of people purchase expensive shoes which are perfectly fine, but a lot of them do not go with the outfit that they are wearing. Having clean shoes that go with your attire is the best thing for your outfit.
  4. You should make sure that you are fit. Everything aside, wearing perfectly fitting clothes is definitely going to go hand-in-hand by being fit. If you are slim and if you fit into most of the fashionable clothing, you will have a spectacular time styling yourself, and it will definitely influence your lifestyle.