Common HR Job Titles And Their Roles

Common HR Job Titles And Their Roles

A large company would have a sizeable HR department, which could number in the tens or even hundreds. Within the department, there is a wide range of job titles, and we will start at the top and work down the organisational chart of the HR department.

  • Chief Manager – The CM would report directly to the CEO of the company and would be responsible for the entire HR department. This person would receive directives and advise the CEO on all matters concerning human resources. A great deal of thought would be given to predicting future HR requirements and setting out strategies for procuring staff as and when required. This position would be held by someone who has risen up through the ranks, spending a few years in assistant positions before moving up the ladder.
  • Director Of Recruitment – Procuring staff is a major role for the HR department and there would be a recruitment director who reports to the CM. This person is responsible for the annual recruitment budget and sets policies for hiring, while helping to create a long-term recruitment plan, which is essential for growth.
  • Compensation & Benefits Director – This position oversees all compensation claims and benefits that are paid to employees and they would have regular meetings with the CM to implement new strategies and policies. There is an alternative to using your own resources for this, namely outsource all your HR to a 3rd party company, who has the know-how and the resources to ensure that employees receive what they are due.
  • HR Information Officer – This is the person who sources all the information the HR department needs and they would be well-versed with IT. Part of their role would involve the setting up and management of specific software that tracks payroll and the work schedule and they would be given monthly requirements.
  • Employee Relations Officer – This person would likely have a couple of HR trainees working on initiatives to maintain good relations with the workforce; skills such as quick thinking and problem solving would be required, along with a high level of diplomacy, essential when conflicts arise and they invariably do!

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  • Health & Safety Officer – This position involves ensuring that the company is in full compliance with the many laws. Search online for UK health and safety consultancy service, or a consultant near your location and you will have a list of 3rd party specialists who can provide everything you need to ensure compliance.
  • Professional Development Director – Personal development is essential for every growing business and the director would set programs and the team would encourage employees to register. This might include exterior courses whereby the participant would visit an institution for a few days to acquire certification. The policies would be set by the CM and would take into account new technology related to the industry, ensuring that staff are well-versed in operation.

As you can see, there are quite a few job titles in a large HR department, each with their own specific duties and if your business does not have an HR department, outsourcing is the best solution.

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