How To Find The Perfect Ruby Ring: Qualities To Look For

How To Find The Perfect Ruby Ring: Qualities To Look For

When you are shopping for a ruby ring, it is important to keep in mind the qualities that make a good ruby ring. The most important quality is the colour of the ruby. Rubies should be a deep red, with no traces of orange or pink. The cut of the ruby is also very important – it should be symmetrical and have good depth. The clarity of the ruby is also important, as well as the setting and band of the ring.

Ruby Colour

When you buy ruby ring online, it’s important to look for a stone that has the right colour. The most significant factor affecting a ruby’s value is its colour. The finest rubies are a deep, rich red colour with no traces of orange or pink.  The deeper the red colour, the more valuable the ruby is. In the market, the most coveted and valuable rubies are those that display a deep, rich red hue. The intensely coloured gems tend to command the highest prices at auction, as their rarity and beauty is highly prized by collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. Some other colours that can be quite beautiful in ruby rings include pink and purple, although these shades typically command lower prices than the deepest reds.

Ruby Cut

The cut of a ruby is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a ruby ring. The most desirable rubies have a well-cut, symmetrical shape with good depth. A poorly cut ruby will not exhibit these same qualities and may appear dull or lifeless. Triangular and emerald-cut rubies are less common than round rubies, so they tend to be more valuable. Pear and marquise shapes are also pricier because they’re not as commonly found.

Different shapes are better suited for different cuts; for example, square-shaped rubies work well with square or cushion-shaped cuts, while round-shaped rubies look best with round or pear-shaped cuts. To accommodate these crystal shapes, the most common shapes of fashioned rubies are oval, round, square, trillion (three sides), marquise (two curved sides), heart and pear.

Ruby Clarity

In addition to colour and cut, the clarity of a ruby is also important when considering a ring. Rubies that are included or have visible blemishes will typically be less valuable than those that are clean and clear.

The gem should be free of inclusions and blemishes so that it shines brightly and displays its rich colour to its best effect. However, it is important to note that many people find natural inclusions appealing and consider them to be a desirable trait in a ruby gemstone. Inclusions are tiny particles or crystals that are trapped inside the gemstone, and they can detract from its beauty. Blemishes are external flaws on the surface of the gemstone that impede its colour and brilliance.

Ruby Setting & Band

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The setting and band of the ring can also affect its value. A well-crafted gold or platinum setting will typically cost more than a less expensive metal such as silver or copper. This is because gold and platinum are more valuable than other metals, so it costs more to make them into jewellery settings.

The band of the ring should also be well-crafted from precious metals like gold or platinum, not inexpensive alloys that will tarnish over time. The setting and band of a ruby ring will also impact its durability and beauty. A well-crafted setting will hold the gemstone securely so that it does not fall out, while an inexpensive band may break or become stained with wear.

Ruby Carat Weight

Like most gems, the value of a ruby increases exponentially with its size and quality. The biggest and best rubies are called “royals” or “pigeon’s blood”, and these can be worth tens of thousands of dollars per carat. However, over one carat is very rare, so most rubies on the market are less than one carat in size. Commercial-quality rubies usually have some visible flaws (inclusions) and are not as intensely red as the finest rubies, but they still look very pretty and cost much less than royals.

So, when you are looking for that perfect ruby ring, remember to keep these qualities in mind. They will help guide you to the ideal ring for your loved one. With a little time and effort, you can find the perfect ruby ring to show your love and appreciation.

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