Drinking In The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds: Things You Should Know

Drinking In The Beauty Of Champagne Diamonds: Things You Should Know

Champagne diamonds have become among the most desired types of diamonds. Like any other type of diamond, the beauty of champagne diamonds comes in the form of the cut, colour, carat and clarity.

A champagne diamond is typically a high carat diamond and when placed in jewellery, the piece is considered exclusive. Diamonds have the highest level of resistance to scratches and other forms of damage. A single carat diamond is equal to 200mg of weight. The higher the carat, the rarer the diamond and the more expensive the diamond.

The Three Colours

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The natural beauty of champagne diamonds can be classified into three colours – brown, yellow and orange. It is possible to have a combination of these colours and match the resulting hue of these diamonds with any engagement ring style. While it’s quite common for a bride to wear jewellery with gemstones in exact same hues, she can always play around combining two or three of these hues, or even all three of them in the form of pendants, earrings, and bracelets, among others.

The Cut

A quality champagne diamond is cut so as to optimise the brilliance and sparkle. Cuts that are too steep can make the stone appear dull. Good cut quality will allow the light to shine through the diamond and will appear brilliant. The sparkle of the light will not be blocked by the shadow of the surrounding jewellery.

The Inclusions

A good cut quality diamond is without any small inclusions that can affect the brilliance and beauty of the stone. The smallest inclusions can affect the value of the diamond. One of the main attractions of the gemstone is its lightness and colourless qualities. The smaller inclusions in the diamond reduce its lightness and increase the sparkle. It is possible to find a perfect combination of lightness and colour of the diamond by consulting with the cutlery manufacturer.

The Beauty of Argyle Mine Champagne Diamonds

Australia is among the three locations where champagne diamonds originate from. The other two locations include Siberia and Africa. In Australia, the Argyle Mine is the most notable not just in the country, even the whole world, and it is among the sources of high-quality champagne diamonds, making it the best place to find Argyle champagne diamonds for sale.

The original dark brown colour of the Argyle diamonds is attributed to the ash from the mining process. This was later changed to a golden honey colour. The colour of the Argyle diamond is associated with a rich heritage of the mine. Some of the most common engagement rings are designed with the beauty of Argyle diamonds.

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