Wearing Your Diamond Jewellery Daily And Keeping It Beautiful

Wearing Your Diamond Jewellery Daily And Keeping It Beautiful

When you have beautiful diamond jewellery, you may want to wear it every day. Although it is not usually recommended, you can do this if you also take care of it. The more you wear your diamond jewellery, the more often it will require cleaning. Oils, dirt, and grime can soon build up on your jewellery when you wear it every day. If you have some diamond jewellery that you feel incomplete when not wearing it, below are some tips to help you care for it to enable you to wear it as often as you want.

How Big Are The Diamonds? 

How Big Are The Diamonds?

Whether it is okay to wear your diamond jewellery regularly will depend on a few factors, and a vital one is how big the diamonds are in your jewellery. If they are precious and large stones, as much as you want to, it may not be a good idea to wear them too often as they may get lost or damaged. Anything around one carat in weight or under is acceptable to wear every day, but anything more significant than that, you may want to reserve it for special occasions only.

Consider What You Are Doing 

You will need to be careful with what activity you are doing when wearing your diamonds. They can get tarnished over time as dirt and grime builds up, so you will want to refrain from wearing your diamond jewellery when you are doing physical activities or exercising. If you are going shopping, working in an office or a similar environment, or just socialising, it is acceptable to wear your favourite diamonds.

Have Them Professionally Cleaned 

There are many home remedies for cleaning diamonds. However, you will occasionally want to get your diamond jewellery, such as those from a luxury engagement ring designer in Brisbane, professionally cleaned. The more you wear it, the more often it will need cleaning. If you wear it a few times a week, you may need to clean your jewellery around every six months. You can find a diamond jewellery store in Brisbane CBD or in your local area that will offer jewellery cleaning, and some stores will offer free cleaning yearly if you purchase the jewellery from them.

Cleaning At Home 

To prevent the dirt and oil from building up on your diamond jewellery, if you are wearing it most days, you will want to give it a clean every week or two. Take a soft bristle brush, warm water, and some mild detergent (dish washing liquid is good). Give the jewellery a gentle clean. This will help to remove the oil and grime and keep it shining brightly.

Storing Your Diamonds Correctly 

Store Your Diamonds Correctly

No matter how much you love your diamond jewellery when showering or sleeping, ensure that you remove it. You will need a jewellery box to store your diamonds correctly, which requires a soft interior to prevent scratches. Keeping your jewellery in this way also ensures that you know where it is when you are not wearing it, so it is safe. You can wear your diamond jewellery every day if you want, but the wear and tear will build-up, so you need to take extra special care of it to keep it looking pristine.

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