Fall In The Pnw

Fall In The Pnw

November. A month of love, loss, and beautiful surrender of the world to the wills of the winds, frosts, rain, and abandon. I find myself in need of snuggles, warm tea, and lounging around in my flannel robe, embracing that which is normally denied.

Mushroom hunting in the woods is one of my favorite moments from this fall. The PNW is a magical place and the rain with a bit of sun made it perfect weather for mushrooms like Chanterelles to pop up in a hurry to spread their spores before the frosts set in.

Warm bread with Mizzoura peach preserves make every morning into a trip into my grandma’s kitchen. Learning to can, preserve, and grow food has been something she taught me from a young age.

We harvested dent corn at the farm in early October. Strung it up on string and let it air dry, while providing some much needed scenery.

Now the leaves are turning, and dwarf burning bush makes it’s own spectacle in my front yard garden. How can you not walk by and take pleasure in that glorious pink??

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