Chic Tip Of The Week

Chic Tip Of The Week

Well, guys and gals… it’s been a crazy crazy week! I FINALLY finished my project (I’ll post pictures tomorrow) and have all sorts of goodies lined up for you this week! However, today, since my brain is officially fried and I’m about to go home and pass out for the next three days straight, I asked Christina Brian of the blog Full House to share a Chic Tip of the week! She has an awesome blog devoted to home decor and her cute little family! She’s got some many great ideas (especially this one!) to help you decorate your home on the cheap…. Without further adieu… Here she is!

Hi there LOTC folks..I am so glad to be here today. For me being chic includes trying to achieve a certain look on a budget which means I often turn to places such as Ebay. Lately my Ebay searches have included pretty brass items and designer fabrics..I am on a quest to not break the bank but with that often comes persistence and patience..

First up brass:

I am loving all of the above brass items. Recently when I spied that above kitchen in Canadian House & Home I was panning Ebay for beautiful vintage brass hardware because that is what the owner did to achieve the look of that kitchen. Did you know she purchased her cabinets from IKEA? I would have never guessed because that brass hardware made her kitchen look so much more custom…well that and the carrera marble. The beauty of brass is that it constantly is being recycled at your local junk stores and on Ebay which is great news for those of us trying to achieve a certain look on a budget. Below are a couple of lamps I have recently spied on Ebay:

Second up designer fabrics for pillows:

I have such a thing for fabrics and textiles. I especially love designer fabric but will shy away because they can be so darn expensive. Plus some of the fabrics are hard to come by for the average decor fanatic because many are to the trade only. That is when I think it is a great time to turn to Ebay for designer fabric remnants. If you are willing to either sew up a pillow or recruit someone to sew up a pillow than this is such a great option. Oftentimes with remnants there is only enough fabric to face the pillow with but I am OK with backing it with a co-ordiating solid fabric from my local Home Fabrics. The easiest way for me to search for a remnant piece is to find out the designer behind some of the fabrics that I like. For example if it is a Scalamandre fabric I would just plug that as the key word into the search engine and remnants are sure to pop up. Most of these remnant fabrics are sold by shops who only specialize in remnants so once you find a shop you may have just hit the jackpot with many other types of fabrics that you never even knew existed.

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