Cocktail Ring 101

Cocktail Ring 101

There are many styles of jewellery that we wear, both formal and informal, and the cocktail ring is just one example. Typically a large and ornate piece, the cocktail ring is flamboyant, which is ideal for cocktail hour; the ring is worn on the 4th finger (index) of the right hand. The traditional cocktail hour was from 6-7pm but those rules no longer apply. This fancy ring is great to add a splash of bling and is great for almost any social occasion.

Origins Of The Cocktail Ring

This audacious style first emerged in the 1920s, as the prohibition was ending and as folks got bolder, it was seen as a thing for a woman to wear a loud ring on her right hand that held her illegal beverage. The US Prohibition was a disaster, enabling organised crime to move in and supply booze to the population and the cocktail ring was born at the end of the prohibition, signaling freedom to drink, while also representing equal rights for women.

The Roaring Forties

The colourful twenties carried the cocktail ring into the forties and across America, women came out of the social shadows, wearing their bling at any social event. This era is seeing a revival today and Art Deco jewellery is the thing, with rich colour and bling.

Carte Blanche

Today’s fashion of mixing it all up really lets you get away with everything, the index finger on either hand works with a costume ring, or even the little finger. The only real thing to worry about is having 2 or more statement rings on the same hand, which looks confusing and a little loud. If you are looking for a statement piece, check out the Brisbane gemstone rings or those bespoke rings in your area. Ideally, have your ring custom made by a jeweller with a great name in the industry. Having jewellery made to order is no more costly that an off-the-shelf piece, which is why custom solutions are so popular. 


Once you know which finger you’re going to wear the ring on, ask any jeweller to size the digit for a perfect fit. If you have a ring that you know fits that finger, this is a perfect guide. Of course, if you decide to commission a statement ring, the jeweller will take your concept and create the perfect piece, and with quality stones, you are looking at a sound investment when you commission jewellery. When you order jewellery online, the retailer has a size guide to help you, while you can always return a ring for a different size.

Designing Your Own Cocktail Ring

If you have a concept in mind, talk to a custom jeweller and working to your budget, the craftsman can create the perfect bling accessory that you can wear to special occasions. From the metal to the stones and setting, you get to choose every aspect of the ring design; platinum is popular, as is rose gold. Using 3D imagery, the jeweller can help you picture the ring and with a few tweaks, the perfect cocktail ring awaits.

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