Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend & Here Are 10 Reasons

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend & Here Are 10 Reasons

There isn’t a person alive in the western world that hasn’t heard the saying, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ which happens to be the advertising that diamond moguls De Beers used in their 1940s promotions. Little did they know how much of an impact this single slogan would have on the diamond industry, and we have put together a few of the reasons diamonds are so popular when it comes to jewellery. 

The Sparkle Factor

There’s nothing that can match the sparkle of a top-quality diamond and this is one of the main reasons women insist on including diamonds in their engagement ring. The sparkle depends on the cut and the setting, and, of course, the quality of the stone.


Again, thanks to the most successful marketing campaign ever, most women would never consider a wedding or engagement ring that doesn’t sport diamonds. If you talk to a custom jeweller who can provide you Melbourne loose diamonds wholesale, you can choose the stones and the cuts. Of course, there are many options with diamonds, colour, weight and cut are all aspects of creating the perfect diamond engagement ring. For those outside of Australia and would prefer to buy these precious stones near their location, a Google search is all it takes. 

Appreciate In Value

Much like most valuable commodities, diamonds not only hold their price, they do appreciate in value over time. Therefore, buying good quality diamonds is a wise long-term investment that can pay big dividends over a few years. 

Range Of Colours

When looking at diamonds, the list of colours is indeed long – from pink, champagne, yellow and even black. Check out the stunning blue diamond engagement rings for sale from a leading custom jeweller near you. 

Diamonds Are Forever

No one has ever heard of a diamond wearing out, indeed a diamond takes millions of years to create and when you invest in a diamond ring, you can be sure that the stone is not going anywhere.


Thanks to a fantastic advertising campaign by De Beers, it has now become a tradition to have diamonds in an engagement and wedding ring.


Any certified diamond is going to be a good investment, much like real estate, diamonds do appreciate in value.

Diamonds Go With Everything

This means you can wear your diamonds on every occasion, well almost every occasion and with a few stunning pieces in your jewellery box, you have the perfect accessories.

Custom Solutions

When you approach a custom jeweller, your concept is the foundation for a jewellery creation. It might be that you want a very special diamond engagement ring in a style that is 100% you.


Nothing says it like diamonds, the ultimate in elegance and sophistication, perfect for those formal events, while diamond stud earrings make the businesswoman look.

We have diamond mogul De Beers to thank for the slogan, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. If you would like the ultimate diamond engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller and take the first step to perfection.

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