Scrap Metal Recycling & How It Helps the Environment

Scrap Metal Recycling & How It Helps the Environment

For thousands of years, mankind has taken what it needs from the ground and as the global population continues to rise, the demand on protecting and preserving Mother Nature for the future generation is reaching a critical point, and one of the best ways to help lies with efficient recycling, especially with regard to metals. Ore is mined around the world and as one mine is exhausted, the company finds another and the extraction process continues; one of the best ways to reduce the demand is recycling.

Progress In Leaps And Bounds

If we look back to the 1970s, scrap metal recycling stood at around 30%, with the rest buried in a tip. Fast forward to today, the waste management company would recycle at least 90% of everything they collect. The recycling industry boomed and public awareness of the need to recycle grew, with many initiatives designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint and recycle.

Good Source Of Income

Scrap metal can be a good source of income and when you see the copper recycling prices at Austick, it is easy to see why. Most homeowners have quite a bit of scrap metal on their property, with things like: 

  • Old A/C units
  • Copper piping
  • Lead or copper flashing
  • Old domestic appliances
  • Scrap vehicles and motorcycles
  • Computers and IT peripherals 

Supporting A Range Of Industries

All of the scrap metal that is recycled supplies many industries with essential raw materials and the more we recycle, the less that is taken from the ground. All of the scrap metal dealers would have associations with the major recycling plants; indeed, some actually carry out the recycling. All metals can easily be melted down and sent to manufacturers and the price per kg of scrap metal would be determined by supply and demand. While the industry has embraced recycling, so has the general population and if we all recycle what we can, the world will be a better place.

Recycling Is A Win-Win

Every aspect of recycling makes sense. The customer receives cash, the scrap metal dealer makes a little and the scrap is then reused, while the recycling plant also makes a profit. Whether you are a business or homeowner, you should sell your scrap metal to a registered dealer and receive top dollar in the process.

If you are able to sort scrap metal into various categories, you will get top prices, certainly more than unsorted scrap, which has to be sorted at the recycling plant. If you are looking for scrap lead Sydney recycling services, for example, they would be happy to collect, sorted or not, and they would pay cash on the spot.

As you can see, the recycling industry plays a critical role in healing the planet. The more we recycle, the lower the demand for natural resources. We are also moving into clean and renewable energy, with solar and wind, which will hopefully see the closure of the fossil fuel burning power stations once and for all. It is hoped that we came to our senses in time to stop polluting our planet before it was too late!

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