Creative Ways To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Creative Ways To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are planning to tie the knot in the near future, your thoughts will soon turn to the engagement ring, which is one piece of jewellery that demands a bespoke design. Of course, there should be diamonds on show. To give you some jewellery design inspiration, here are a few popular diamond ring designs to consider.

Diamond Halo With A Central Emerald

A stunning central emerald can be surrounded by pave diamonds. When you approach a custom jeweller, they have the best beryl price per carat. They usually offer this at wholesale prices. You choose the loose stones and the cut. With your input, the perfect diamond engagement ring is designed and hand-crafted by a highly skilled jeweller. 

Diamond & Sapphire Bouquet

A custom jeweller can show you some stunning images of unique ring designs that weave diamonds and sapphires in creative ways. The blue sapphires blend well with colourless diamonds, and champagne diamonds with sapphires are another attractive combination. You could have a heart-shaped setting and there is no central stone in this design. 

Inner Diamonds On A Band

For the girl who wants something different, why not have pave diamonds set into the inner surface of the gold band? A bezel setting that sinks the stones into the band means wearing the ring is comfortable and only you and your partner will know that the ring has diamonds. This is ideal for the active woman, as she can be sure that the diamonds are not going anywhere. Rather than taking the ring off when she goes off on an extreme adventure, she can wear the ring at all times.

Art Deco Style

You can add any gemstone to a central diamond with a geometric shape, for the perfect bespoke Art Deco diamond engagement ring. If, for example, amber is your favourite gemstone, the custom jeweller can acquire the ideal stone, which can be surrounded by pave diamonds. The great thing about a bespoke engagement ring is the fact that the piece is truly unique. It is designed by the wearer, who spent several sessions with the jewellery maker to come up with their dream diamond engagement ring.

Twin Central Diamonds With A Ruby Setting

Tiny rubies can be tastefully arranged around two diamonds, which represent you and your partner; one this is for sure, if you choose this design, people will notice the ring and probably comment on the design. If you would prefer another gemstone, the custom jeweller has access to the loose gemstone market and can acquire gemstones at wholesale prices.

When you approach a leading custom jeweller with a view to creating the perfect engagement ring with a unique design that incorporates diamonds, give the expert your budget and let them come up with a few designs. Thanks to Zoom, you can go through the ring design process without having a face-to-face meeting with the jeweller and when everything is to your liking, the work can begin.

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