Upcycling Aluminium: Can Art To The Rescue

Upcycling Aluminium: Can Art To The Rescue

We all know the term ‘recycling.’ Indeed, this has been a part of our culture since the turn of the century, which came along just in time, as the global population steadily rose and the demands on Mother Nature were increased.

Today, we recycled 80-90% of all metals, while we are also moving into upcycling, turning old things into useful products. You can buy chic outdoor jackets and tents, made from old plastic water bottles. It isn’t just plastic that is being used to create useful things; aluminium cans can be used to make chic and artsy items. All you need is a little creativity and a few tools. 

Recycling Plants

These huge facilities have changed a lot over the past couple of decades and the best aluminium recycling Sydney yard or scrap yard in your location is highly efficient, providing a portion of industrial needs, while also supplying artists with aluminium cans (there are zillions in existence). The government is committed to recycling in every possible way and they support and regulate the scrap metal and recycling sector. All scrap metal dealers must be registered with the state and adhere to high standards. 

Aluminium Can Art

Have you ever seen aluminium roses? Stunning is one word that springs to mind, while there are some really cool aluminium can artists. There are handicrafts and art that are made from aluminium cans, and you can find them on the internet.

We are finding innovative ways to use waste materials and this reduces the pressure on natural resources. We expect the recycling sector to keep delivering pure metals that are used in the making of new and useful items. 

Never-Ending Supply

There are people who have made millions from aluminium cans and until we find a better material, beer and other beverages will continue to come in aluminium cans, which might be recycled a few times already. If you are a regular beer drinker, you certainly have what you need to try your hand at can art. If you drank 4 cans per night, that’s 28 per week and in a year that’s almost 1,500 cans. Either call your local scrap metal dealer, who pays top ‘per kg’ prices, or get to work creating art and other things.

Scrap Metal

We all have stuff laying around the house – old bike frames, engines that no longer run, domestic appliances and A/C compressors. All gathering up what you have and calling your local scrap metal dealer is a good way to clear up the house and make some money at the same time. Aluminium and copper are sought-after and whether old window frames or a mountain of beer cans, you will get a good price and the waste will be effectively recycled.

Perhaps single-use beer cans are not such a bad idea. Maybe the next time you open a cold beer, the can has been recycled 100s of times already! Can art is definitely catching on; Google will help you find examples of can art and there are exhibitions in London and New York that contain aluminium art.

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