Transform Your Property With Decorative Gravel

Transform Your Property With Decorative Gravel

For the garden lover, the arrival of spring is a time to put that new concept into action and get ready for the summer. Decorative gravel is a diverse material that can be used in a number of ways and you can factor this into your landscaping blueprint with some creative application.

Here are a few creative ideas to add decorative aggregate to your outdoor area.

Ground Cover

If you loathe having to weed your flower beds, decorative gravel sees the end of weeding, as plant life can’t grow. This also offers excellent drainage and there are many different colours, sizes and textures, allowing you to choose something suitable. Pebbles are ideal for ground cover and with a supplier of decorative gravel in your area, you can have the material delivered to your home. Lay out a sheet of plastic for the aggregate and you’re good to go.

Drainage Solution

If you have a patch of clay that holds water, dig out the clay and replace it with gravel and you’ve cured the drainage problem. Aggregate comes in many colours and forms and you could create a channel to remove excess rainwater, which adds a nice feature. If you have a ditch running down one side of the garden, lining the bottom with gravel stops weed growth.

Pot Plant Cover

If you are fed up with having to weed your pot plants, decorative gravel is a one-stop solution, which also protects the soil against erosion. The colour adds something to the overall look and there are many shades available. Check out the website of a local garden supplies firm or builder’s merchant and you can select the right material.


A few large rocks strategically placed and some decorative gravel around the moss as well as ground plants will give you a great garden feature. If you would like to add a new feature to the garden, pebbles work well with water. The various forms include cobbles, pebbles, slate rocks, chippings and the aggregates Ipswich store or the reputable supplier in your city would have all colours represented. If you already have a waterfall and rockery, adding a few bags of pebbles will brighten things up for the coming summer.

Garden Art

You would transform a section of the lawn and by using several different graces of aggregate, you can create a colourful art feature. If there is a corner of the garden that isn’t really anything, perhaps coloured pebbles or cobbles is the answer. Another place to use gravel is the bottom of the guttering downpipes; that square area can easily be a home for weeds and filling it with pebbles is a great idea.

You can find a lot of gardening blogs online and they offer some great ways to use decorative gravel to enhance your garden. Now is the time to start planning a major landscaping project and with online suppliers, all you need is the time and the energy to make some alterations in your garden, which can incorporate decorative gravel.

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